The teaching learning process at this level is interactive and conscious effort is made to integrate subjects helping children to move from known to unknown. At Boston, we make children understand concepts by providing an inquiry based and experiential mode of learning. Emphasis is placed on learning by asking questions, problem solving and through application. This is further reinforced through curriculum related trips, workshops, seminars and films, real life experiences and examples are embedded into the syllabi. We also encourage the culture of reading which also helps develop their cognitive and non-cognitive skills adequately.

Various Learning practice at school 

A detailed curriculum framework, encompassing academic and co curricular activities has been in place in school. Performance rubrics are maintained over the years to monitor the child’s aptitude, and constantly fine tune learning plans created specifically for the child. Learning at Boston is divided into three sections:

Inquiry based learning- At Boston, we help students triggers curiosity – learning something new. Educators encourage students to question the things as they exist around them. They examine, question, research, collaborate & share their ideas and views.It involves following:

1. Students develop questions that they are ‘hungry’ to answer.

2. They research the topic using time in class.

3. They present what they have learned.

4. They reflect on what went well and what didn’t.


Project based learning - We encourage project based learning in which students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge (Questioning, inquiry and critical thinking).


Collaborative learning - At Boston we encourage student to work together to solve problems & complete projects which help deepen their learning & collaborative skills. This also brings in a sense of mutuality & social awareness amongst them.

The school follows the CBSE pattern of curriculum for various subjects while incorporating inventive and original tools and methods to enhance the learning process.