“What a teacher writes on the blackboard of life can never be erased"


           In any school, it is primarily the teachers who are instrumental in amplifying and channeling the faculties of

          wonder and curiosity that each and every child is born with. Teachers at Boston are co-learners with the students

          on the journey of education. They ensure that teaching is disciplined but an enjoyable activity. They stay accessible

          and approachable at all times and infuse zest for their area of expertise and life in general. The academic and

          non-academic faculty at Boston will be facilitated with training programs and workshops at regular intervals.

         This will keep them in the learning mode and abreast with the latest teaching trends and methodology. A controlled

          number of students in each class and a high teacher-student ratio, enable better focus on each child.We believe that

          a teacher's skill plays a strong role in influencing the child's power to grasp and learn  concepts. we train teachers in

          best possible way and ensure that they are completely prepared for their responsibilities. The teachers

          are ably assisted by support staff. Regular in-service training is conducted and information about latest

          trends in early childhood education and care are imparted well.